Vinyl Care

The structure of your vinyl floor largely determines its durablility and how well it will resist scuffs, scrapes and stains while retaining its original luster. Our cushioned vinyl has a unique structural composition allowing you to select a floor type that will match your personal performance requirements.

At its core, our vinyl has a highly resilient fiberglass base, double encapsulated by pvc layers. Thanks to this revolutionary construction, your floor has unmatched dimensional stability eliminating conventional problems of contraction, expansion, curling and cracking, relulting in easy installation and higher durability. The unique characteristics of pvc gives you higher underfoot comfort and unparalleled flexibility combined with excellent resistance to everyday wear and tear.

For the best results, here are a few rules to keep directly after installing your new vinyl floors.

1. After a full spread installation, heavy traffic should be avoided for at least 24 hours to allow the adhesive to set hard. Use professional guides, or a section of carpet turned face down to move furniture, appliances, or other heavy objects.

2. If the installation is a semi loose-lay or loose-lay type, appliances and heavy objects are to be lifted, not rolled, slid or pushed over the new vinyl floor.

3. Protect all the seamed areas for the first 8 hours.

4. Keep the room at a temperature of 68 degrees F for at least 2 days.

5. Before use, to remove any residual surface film, clean the new cushioned vinyl by adding a few drops of dishwashing liquid to warm water. Then rinse thoroughly with clean water and allow floor to dry before walking on it.

For information on removing stains from your vinyl floor, visit our detailed stain removal instructions page.